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About Routered Signs:

Routered Signs began over 35 years ago as a hobby. Today these signs can be found in just about any region of the country. Originally all signs were constructed from Redwood however due to recent availability problems, we have added maintenance-free Laminated Polymer to the list. We are now computer CNC ready with virtually any Windows font letter style available. Most any logo or graphic may be scanned and added to personalize a sign. Contact us for further information on your sign needs. Visit the Sizes and Prices page to see some of the popular options available.

Why Consider A Laminated Polymer Sign?

Our laminated polymer colours are especially designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions whether it is extreme heat or extreme cold climates. They are formulated with a UV protectant that ensures they will not fade. If strength and durability are on your list of requirements then laminated polymer is definitely the product to consider. Since they are maintenance free, there is no need to apply a protective finish ever. All you may want to do once a year or so is to clean it with dish soap and water to remove the dust or grime from dust blowing.


We have a wide variety of logos and picture graphics that may be added in order to personalize your sign. It may be possible to add your own logo or a picture. Contact us for graphic possibilities.

(Above) Examples of laminated polymer signs in various colors made by Routered Signs.)

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